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Frostwire won't load

My frostwire 4 stopped working for some reason, so I upgraded, but it still wouldn't work. I uninstalled both, cleaned the registry up, updated Java, redownloaded frostwire 5, seemed to install ok, but when I try to open it....nothing. I even tried setting it to run as administrator, still nothing. Any suggestions? I am running Windows 7, and have had no problems with frostwire up until now.


  • Open up an explorer window, in the top address bar type %appdata% - find the frostwire folders and delete them both ( there should be one for the 4 ver. (Frostwire) and one for the 5 version (Frostwire5)- or just a stand alone folder called Azureus), then try a reinstall of the newer version. Note: 64bit Windows requires both 32 and 64bit java installations.
  • I did exactly what you said, and it works!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!! *HUgshugshugs* :D :P :lol:

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