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i hate frostwire 5, it sucks and everytime i download a song it doesn't download the whole song, it always cuts off at the end :x
is there any way i can download frostwire 4?!


  • This should not happen ....and I have a sneaky feeling the player may not be playing the entire song. This can happen with some VBR mp3s This will hopefully be sorted in the next release, which will have many great new improvements in the Library tab and for now it might be a good idea to try playing the songs in iTunes or WMP. highlight songs in the library and click explore ... that will take you to the folder where the song files are.

    Installation of Frostwire 5 should not have removed Frostwire 4, but if it has you can download Frostwire 4.21.8 from Keep an eye out for Frostwire 5.1.5 in the next few days ..

    I hope this helps.

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