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Unblock Users

edited September 2011 in Open Discussion
How do I unblock users so I can download from them if I do not know their IP address?


  • I assume you are referring to Frostwire 4 and the Gnutella Network. If not please ignore the following and post back with your version number and a few more details.

    The answer is you cannot, for sure, unless you remove ALL the blocked hosts in Tools > Options > Filters > Hosts. However It seems that the most recently banned hosts are at the bottom of the list so you might like to unblock a few from the bottom if you know roughly how many you have blocked since the host in question.

    Unblocking all would be a bit of a laborious process as far as I can see, but if you click Restore Defaults, I THINK it will remove all the blocked hosts, but it will also reset all your other settings .. I'm not going to try since resetting my share is something I don't fancy doing :)

    If you are able to locate your Frostwire preference folder, there is an easier way which is to close Frostwire and remove all the hosts after BLACK_LISTED_IP_ADDRESSES in the frostwire.props file in your preference folder.

    I am curious why you are sure you want or need to unblock a particular user or users. I have a huge list of blocked hosts and they are all junk merchants. You may have also, so bear this in mind.
  • I had selected a lot of IP addressed and blocked them when they kept being junk, like the one saying "as part or a limewire and fostwire court settlement......." im sure youve heard it. But when I blocked all of those IP addressed Im not hardly able to find any song that I wast to download, and I wanted to unblock them to see if maybe that would fix it.
  • This spam problem has been a bit of a menace for gnutella users. A very small number of hosts you would have blocked just might possibly have been less than careful decent users who were sharing files downloaded by mistake, but in reality the great majority of junk files are shared by specialists who share nothing but junk. I have found that the best way to find results is to browse connection hosts, but of course there is no guarantee to what they might be sharing?

    Have you considered trying Frostwire 5? It is a very different Torrent client but once you have got the hang of it you are much more likely to find what you want.

    Some help with using Frostwire 5 can be fond in these links:
    There is a brief guide for Frostwire 5 HERE,
    and A guide HERE in more detail with a FAQ which is constantly being updated.

    Also see The YouTube Video: FrostWire 5 How to Search and Download.

    See The Blog Entry on Frostwire 5.1.4 and searching for individual files.

    If you want to continue using Frostwire 4 THIS POST will be very useful.

    You can install both side by side .. although it might be best not to run both simultaneously.

    I hope something here helps :)

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