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How do I download multiple torrents at the same time?

When I click on the download (from PirateBay), a window opens up, I click "run", and it opens Frostwire and starts the download just fine. When I find another torrent I'd like to download, I click on the download button, Frostwire opens up, and nothing happens. I can still see the first file and the percentage that has been downloaded. That part is fine. The second download that I'd like, however, doesn't show up--why won't they both download at the same time?


  • I find I need to download the .torrent file to my computer and then open it with Frostwire. I have setting my browser not to open downloads automatically .. Doing this I have 2 TPB downloads running sweetly. I can't see that it would make any difference if they opened automatically. I do suspect that one of your downloads may be a faulty torrent.

    Do, however, check your Maximum Active Downloads in Tools Options > Bit torrent > advanced

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