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Frostwire keeps deleting my files!

Hello, I download a torrent full of songs to my computer, then go about my buisness but sometimes, all of a sudden those files are missing and completly not on my computer anymore. I just recently had to use a recovery program to recover the deleted files! I do not know how they got deleted!!! I for sure did not delete them! Please help me! This has happened numerous times!!!


  • The files will be remove from your computer if you, or anyone else, uses the command "remove torrent and data", although you should see a warning when using this command and you are using Frostwire 5.1.4 If you are using an earlier version of Frostwire I would suggest updating.

    I would suggest that after you download a torrent you make a copy of the data from the Torrent Data folder and save it elsewhere, and then it will be safe, even after you stop seeding the torrent.
  • Well I did reply, ...... and it is my experience that, unless you use the remove Torrent Data command, files will not be removed, although this was a problem with earlier Froswtire 5 versions, version 5.1.4 has a clear warning, and the only files that should be removed are partial fragments when you cancel a torrent for a partial download, so ... which Frostwire version are you using? Where is your Torrent Data folder located?

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