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finding a single track no plus

I just installed the newest version 5.1.4 and I did check for audio, did a search and mega torrents come up. However, I don't have a plus symbol to check which files I want on ANY of them. I doubleclicked one but only got a folder with no music and it said it was 100 percent complete on the download. I read the response below but I don't have any plus symbols at all....What to do?
I think this technique might work better then the previous version, but I am unable to get any songs now...please advise.
BTW , I have restarted Frostwire a few times thinking this might correct it. What am I missing? Thanks for any help

Re: finding a single track

Postby Canarsie » Fri Sep 02, 2011 1:57 am
It is rather easy, actually.
When you find the torrent which may contain the songs you want as a result of your initial search in FrostWire, simply click right on the plus (+) symbol in the torrent name.
A pop-up window should appear. If not, you did not click on the plus (+) symbol. Try again.
In that pop-up window will be a list of all songs and possible other items such as album artwork and booklet pages. Click on the box to the left of each song that you want to download.
If the list of songs are in the hundreds and you do not feel like searching through the entire list, type in the artist or song that you want in the search field at the top of the pop-up window to automatically narrow down the search.
Once you have selected the specific songs that you want, choose the appropriate button to download only the selected songs.

That should be it!


  • Please could you make a search for Mike Schpitz and just check in the search window the top result should be LoveJones aka Mike Schpitz, and just to the left of the word "love" there should be a + in a square.

    If there is not please take a screenshot and post it here.

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