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Hello Im NEW and this is my FIRST post, ever! PLEASE help!!!

Hello! This is my very first post here! Im guessing that someone else has already asked this question and I did look around for it but I couldnt find it! Please dont rip me a new one if it was previously asked and answered!!

Ok, so heres my problem/question....I keep trying to install frostwire but it wont!! I can download it just fine but when it comes to installing something happens!! It hangs up when it gets to the part "BitTorrent Sharing Settings" Theres no button to continue to the installation, it only has a space for save folder and a "browse" button!!! No matter what I do I cant get past that screen, especially seeing as there arent any buttons to move forward! When I click on "use default", or browse for that matter, nothing happens, at all!!

Can someone please tell me why it wont finish installing or what I messed up/did wrong????

Most appreciated,


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