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Installing Frostwire

I had Frostwire on my old laptop before it crashed well I recently bought a new one & now for some reason it wont let me completely install Frostwire. I mean the Icon is on my desktop & it will let me click on it but its like I have to reinstall it every time I open it. & when I do that a Message pops up & says, Saving downloads to C:\Users\MyComputerName\Documents\Frostwire\Saved may not function correctly. To be sure downloads are saved properly you should save them to a sub-folder of C:\Program Files (x86)\FrostWire\Data\Settings. Would you like to choose another location?
But I cant find that folder to make a sub-folder? & it does this to me every time I open it. + it wont let me burn my music it says that it can't find those files to burn. I have tried saving the music to multiple different folders & nothing works? Is there anybody out there that this has happen to or that can help me I would greatly appreciate it!!


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