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When I'm looking for a song or album many times the items is listed briefly and then is gone. Also, many times I get a listing about Frostwire/Limewire settlement. Please let me know what I can do to correct the problem so my searches come up with more options.
Thank You in Advance.
I have Windows 7 and a cable connection through Antietam Cable in Hagerstown, Maryland.


  • By your description, I'll surmise that you are using the older Gnutella version, 4.21.8 or lower.

    There are tips & tricks for the Gnutella version(s) posted here and here.

    If you experience connection issues. see here.

    The "disappearing" files; In Frostwire, go to Tools > Options > FIlters > Junk - tick 'Display Junk at the Bottom of Search Results' and move the slider bar to a lower level ( i keep mine about the middle ), then retry your search query.

    You can also right click the tab > Search More > Get More Results.

    Hope that you find this information helpful. :)

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