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not getting MP3

edited September 2011 in Open Discussion
sence I have updated forstwire to 5.1.4 all I have been getting is itunes and not mp3's.?


  • When you say iTunes do you mean m4a files or are you just seeing the iTunes Logo. If you are seeing the logo it just indicates any files for which iTunes is set as the default playeron your computer, which, for me at any rate, includes files such as mp3 m4a and wav.

    There should be a column for type in your search window, if you are using Frostwire 5.1.4. 5f you can not see this right click on the column header bar and select type. The icon column is less useful that the type column.

    Also, if you add mp3 to your search term, leaving a gap, all your results will include mp3 files.

    This will also help: See The Blog Entry on Frostwire 5.1.4 and searching for individual files.
    I hope that helps :)

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