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I'm using version 5.14 for Mac, and uploading files works, but nothing's downloading? What could be wrong?


  • When you choose a file to download check in the "seeds"column first and best results will be obtained.

    What exactly are you seeing in the Transfer window when you choose to download a file.

    Are you quite sure you have the right terminology? (Downloads are files you are importing into your computer, and uploads are ones that others are uploading from you).
  • Yes, I know what downloading is. In the status column, it says "downloading". If a file is done the status column says "seeding". In the download column, It says "download speed", but everything is stuck. The download speed is 0 %. For instance, I have a file that got stuck at 75%. It's been like that for almost 2 days. NOTHING is downloading.
    That's about the best I can explain it, but if necessary, I can send a screenshot.
  • I don't know why, but the downloading problem went away. Perhaps the Frostwire people fixed it at their end?
    This is a mystery to me.
    Perhaps Frostwire had compatibility problems with OSX 10.7? Also known as Lion?
  • Did you by any chance cure it by restarting Frostwire?

    Did the file that was stuck have many seeds. If it had only one or very few showing, the uploader could have gone offline.

    As far as we know Frostwire 5.1.4 works fine in Lion, although I do find in Snow Leopard that down and up loads sometimes appear to stop altogether and a restart does seem to get things going again. I have not been able to put a finger on quite why.

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