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New User, Cannot open files

Hi, I have downloaded Frostwire 5 and have downloaded some files. When I open my library on Frostwire the files are stored under 'torrent saved files. When I double click the files I have them stored on my computer under c drive, when I double click to play I get taken to Windows Media Player, I try to open these files I get a message Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing file. The files are AVI files. Do I need additional software to covert and play these files.


  • The best player for avi files is VLC player which you can get from (do not google since many of the results are not the genuine article).

    Once you have VLC, find the file in the library, highlight it and click explore. Then right click on the file in the folder and select open with vlc and select use this application to open all files of this type. Now in future, when you double click an avi file in the library, it should open in VLC.

    I hope this helps

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