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Trouble Downloading MOVIES from torrent website

Hi, I have used Frostwire in the past with 4.0 versions. I recent updated to the Frostwire 5.1.4 version.

I use Frostwire to download movies. I recently started up again and with the new version I have trouble getting the Frostwire to download the movies I get from a torrent website. It usually has gone like this: go to the torrent website and then click download torrent (all the while my Frostwire is up and running on my computer), then my computer asks if I want to save or open, I click save. Then I click open to the saved file and the Frostwire automatically starts the download.

The downloading is not starting. Am I doing something wrong? Please help me with this process. Thank you!. :?


  • I'm having the same problem. I used to be able to to download movies from TBP with a single click. I think I have about half of the problem solved. I made frostwire my default program for torrents, but now when I click on the link to download at TPB, nothing happens. The download never occurs. Anyone know how to remedy this?
  • Hmm, I thought I could also do this with a single click, but it appears that with TPB it is necessary first to make sure you do not click the wrong download link. Find the link which says download this torrent. Then there seem to be two options, at least using the Browser I use which is Safari.

    1/ click on the link and the .torrent file will download to your default download location and you must "open" it from there, by double clicking on it or right clicking it > open with Frostwire, or just drag the file into Frostire

    2/ Copy the link and paste it into Frostwire > File > Open Torrent or magnet ( It might be pasted there already.

    Do note that not all torrents will start straight away .. and some not at all. I have just done both of the above with a torrent showing one seed, so i was not surprised when it did not start. It is sitting in my Transfer window at zero speed download. The more seeds, in general, the better.

    Also note that you can use Frostwire's own search to search TPB and several other trackers. these are listed in the search filters details. You may see alternative torrents for the same item, which may work better.

    I hope this helps a bit.
  • Hi, thank you for sending this reply. However I am not familiar to what you are meaning to say. What is a TPB and I do not use Safari.

    I have tried it the way you posted as #1) clicking on the "download torrent" and then "opening" it instead of saving it.

    Do I have to have Frostwire already open? Also what do I do when this doesn't do the trick? Because like I said I have tried this way before.

    I have tried entering the link of the downloadable torrent into Frostwire, but it comes up with a Error comment under "status" column.

    Still at a loss here. :(
  • @marsuz

    TPB is The Pirate Bay to which nexus2631 referred.

    Which Torrent site are you using, or do you use a variety?

    I mentioned Safari simply as it being MY browser and each browser works slightly differently.

    The fact is that some times a torrent will download and open up frostwire but I have noticed that if this happens the torrent needs to sometimes be re-opened in Frostwire.

    I will repeat that Frostwire has its own search function which more often than not will bring up the same results that you get through searching a torrent website, and the downloading should proceed without a hitch, but do let me know which torrent site you are using, and which browser and I will check it out.

    From what you have said, it does sound as if you may need to download the torrent and then open it with Frostwire, but I will check your site out.
  • Hi Onlyahobo,

    I am using Kick Ass Torrents: Is this not a good site? Should I be using another? At the beginning of the year, I started using this and it worked great and now I have come back to using it again and I am having all these troubles.

    Thank you for your help!
  • @marsuz

    I have done exactly what you described in your first post with two torrents and both are downloading fine .. er well one is seems to have stopped, but it is always wise to choose a torrent with many seeds.

    That looks like a nice site. I shall certainly have a further look at it. The lack of excessive advertising and easy to use layout

    Have you tried searching using the Frostwire search?

    EDIT the other download re started and finished so all good .. but some torrents do need a bit of patience I find.

    I hope this does help
  • Yes, the site is nice.

    Bu I wanted to know if I should have Frostwire running before I attempt to download the torrent?

    Also, what do you make of the "status" column in Frostwire while I am downloading the torrent it says "error", that would generally mean that I would have to cancel the torrent download?

    That is where the process stop for me. It is so frustrating. Is there anything wrong with what I am doing? wrong with my computer that would cause the Frostwire to fail? (each and every time)

    I am grasping at straws here. Not quite sure what to do.
  • From my tests using 5.1.4 it does not matter if Frostwire is open or not.

    Have you tried making a variety of items using the Frostwire search? If this just happens with one file then it could obviously be a faulty torrent, although in the latest Frostwire, those, in my experience, do not give errors.

    I do not know why you are seeing the error message and if you could do the following, it will hopefully shed some light on the problem.

    Go to the folder Frostire installed to (C:\Program Files\FrostWire 5) and doubleclick the runRelease.bat file to start FrostWire 5 with logging via command console. When you run into a problem it should be logged in the console window where you can right click, select all, press Enter or Ctrl+C to copy, then paste here for the developers to review.

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