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I REALLY want this to work. I have read the other posts and find them to be unclear. First off... I have a Droid 2. I am next to my router and have a great signal. I have experienced the same issues others are having. The app fires up, but it shows a poor signal. also, although I have it set up to share over 500 files... everything is showing with small locks next to it. Nothing is being shared. i followed the advice of doing a software search for Frostwire and got nothing back.

TECH SUPPORT... PLEase give a step by step tutorial to make this piece of software work. I suspect it is just a matter of security settings, but I have no idea what to do to make this work. Frostwire was one of the main reasons I bought the DROID in the first place. PLEASE post a full tutorial setup with a DROID phone. Better yet, give us a You Tube video.



  • Hi,

    Please take a look at ... -controls/ and Please do not post 3 posts in quick succession. The few regular support personnel are not Android users, and also sleep and work but the android team are working hard on the Android App and very aware of the need for good instructions. The project is in its infancy, but coming along nicely
  • LONG PRESS ANY ICON ON THE FROSTWIRE ANDROID APP....SELECT ENABLE SHARING....after doing so select the icon then multiple select the files.....uncheck the ones u dont want shared...then long press any file and select share files...then the files u are willing to share will be visible.
  • I had REALLY hoped that this thing would be figured out by now. I still have the exact same issue. I can have a great 3g signal... or bbe right next to my WIFI and STILL cannot get onto the network. It shows in the bottom left only one bar. I have done as suggested searching for "Frostwire". I get nothing. This app does NOT work.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give a tutorial on how to get this thing to work. Clearly you have all put a lot of time in development. It would not take 5 minutes to create a decent tutorial or youtube video to reconcile whatever this issue is. The link that was sent does not address the issue.

    Its been 6 mo since my last post. There has to be something I can do to get this to work! HELP!!!!

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