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ultrapeers as spammers

edited April 2011 in Team Discussions
like i said hobo,

i get them all the time. this was the one from saturday. its not every day i get them, but they arent rare in my experience.

this one was just happenstance. after id finished diner i thought id check my connections seeing as id been busy focusing on checking uploads out for the other posts screenshots, i didnt check them before starting the session

this is another one id saved for another post, he was a good one, hundreds of files, all the same size

this is why i was quizzing you about force ultrapeer the other day.

why would somebody be an ultrapeer if they just want to share spam, the two are incongruous, being a spammmer to bugger the system, and being an ultrapeer to make the system work better????

it just seems to me if i wanted to bugger up the system, and i knew, or could pay people that do know how the system works, i wouldnt be farting around with a few spam files on one computer in my garage. i think somebody has done the math on how much it costs to go to court to keep trying to close down the gnutella network and realised there may be a more cost effective way to beat p2p.

i dont know what super powers ultrapeers have, but it seems they control the system, so in dumb speak, if i can get lots of computers, and get lots of them to be ultrapeers, then get them to direct connect to thier mates that also only share spam, then i just leave enough slots open for fred to come along and start searching for something and all he gets is congrats messages, then that in part would explain the amount of grumbling from the masses weve been getting.

or i dont know, maybe theres something far simpler that ultrapeers can do to mess up thier little part of the network and make spam the winner in all searches????

whatever the real truth is, thats the simples of my conspiracy theory, remove spammers from your ultrapeer connections

EDIT: i just noticed, i did check my connections before starting, see the first five ips then the search for ' rubbish ' i do that to see what sort of searches im getting, ie; no rubbish files returned equals non spammy hosts.
then again at the end, i search for connections as a spacer, then the five hosts from my connections tab are listed.


  • Wow .. this is something I have never seen .. I have tried on many occasions to browse the host of an obvious junk file peddler and never succeeded. BUT I concentrate on Audio and not Video ... I DO browse hosts of Ultrapeers frequently and have NEVER seen one sharing anything like you have shown. All the UPs I have ever browsed seem to share decent stuff.

    Its time for sleep and my head is fuzzy .... Keep this in here for now. I do worry that the spammers read the forums and like to keep up with what we know about them
  • i was thinking, maybe its because i use rocket that i see them???

    i dont know if rocket hasthe blacklist filters and i never use the block option.

    the audio video factor is nil, these are my connections / ultrapeers, not video uploaders.
  • I have done a pile of connections using Limewire 4.12.6 no added filters ,, only what I have blocked over the last 2 months or so. I still have found nothing like you have,

    I have noticed one thing tho .. several of these UPs were sharing junk files just one ore two ... it didnt look like they meant to .. just idiots who havent checked their files. so ... there is the possibility that they could find them selves blocked ..

    also i did d/l a few short mov files from one UP.. one a you tube type dance one an amateur stripper but both prompted a webpage to a dating service and a porn site respecticely ... a third wanted me to get a code from a website to view more than a second of a very short video ..sounded very dangerous for a windows user. This UP was also sharing some OK music . but I decided to remove it. In short ,, its a long process checking each IP especially if you dont know what the hell you are doing... like the average FW user.

    The fact that I was not getting the hardcore spammers as ultrapeer on an unfiltered client seems to indicate your mp3 rocket has nothing to do with it, but who knows ...

    are you having no luck running Frostwire still?
  • i dont know where to begin with FW problems.

    on my windows 7 computer, it just eats all my rocket settings, i cant list every problem but they include i now have 2 incomplete folders that rocket is downloading from/to (i removed FW ages ago from 7 and because of problems i dont understand with dats and bacs i cant move the incompletes to the rockets incomplete folder, doesnt matter, somehow rocket sees them where they are and still uses the FW incomplete folder too.

    on the xp FW works just fine, in fact it seems it searches better than rocket, as in, when i search for some aartist or movie type that i already have, FW finds most if not all my files on thte 7 computer, whereas rocket in the same way onlyfinds some of the files from the XP computer in the first search. buuuuuuuttttttttttt, Fw is aggresive???? it kills all my settings for itunes And rocket and just does stuff with torrents that defy reason.
    mind you i have my settings set up all freaky so FW may just be trying to correct what it sees as problems. still it would be nice if it asked first, it takes hours to reset my library back in itunes, then it takes an overnighter to get my library back on deck to be shared in rocket.

    it doesnt matter though ill just use 7 for rocket now, so FW can keep doing what it wants on XP, i still delete and reinstall FW and still get torrents i avent seen for ages, i keep killing them when i find them, but i just cant seem to find where their mommy lives to get rid of them forever.

    was the filter result thing what you wanted? i searched for fgjhffjf and the results where the same as using real words.
    i cant find it now but one thing with .exe , something FW was exe i think it was a torrent hostile thing is exe that would be blocked????

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