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50 slots

edited April 2011 in Team Discussions
hey hobo,

ill get round to the zip mov thing latter.

for now.

the way i do it

quote hobo "I have read and reread your post a few times. I think it is a bit confusing. and I cant for the life of me understand why you are advocating 500 searches. If a lot of Gnutella users were to run 500 searches simultaneously, I can forsee the Netwirk being put under an immense lot of strain."

i dont actually search for 500 things at once, searches run and complete in less than a minute. so, even if someone where to try and run all 500 at once, by the time they get to 30, perhaps, the first searches will be completing, you were panicing needlessly there. its just lots more search results (max) so i dont lose what ive got, as in, i can have anywhere up to 50 movies that louisa wants me to get, so 5, which i think is the default for searches just aint going to cut it from the start, then, to what i do, that i need my 1000 slots for (500 was just an arbitrary number for the punters)

i do most of my working work on weekends, the peak period for downloading p2ps (and being uploaded from) when i get home ill have between 10 and 400ish uploads hosts to browse, again, going through them 5 max at a time buuzzzzz , i highlight about a screen and a half on my monitor page, then hit browse. exact doesnt work, so guesstimates are,
50 slots equals about 30 hosts, half of them cannot be browsed,
leaves 15 results to look at, of those,
about 5 share zip,
leaves 10, of those,
7 have nothing worth a second glance.
so from 50 or so lines on the uploads monitor i only get 3 hosts with actual file to share.

which might not seem like a lot, but then go have another look at my post. 1 movie downloaded from 10 hosts, usually equals 3 more good suppliers of movies, only, when you browse people that are downloading from you, you get people that have your taste in movie genres, even more so when you search audio, audio being more specific in peoples tastes.

so, the 500 is to accommodate the hosts i browse, its all over in a few minutes as far as the network is concerned, im not searching for the complete works of mozart continuously. which yes, would im assumming, since you said it, would put strain on the system, although i never realised that could be a consiquence.


  • my methods of seaching etc change with the weather, but for the purposes of this demonstration.

    before i go to work, i remove the inactives from my monitor tab

    after work,
    when i get around to it, i start by browsing the monitor hosts.
    its just after 5.30pm

    saturday was quiet so i only had about 50-60 upload slots when i got home. im guessing half were doubles etc.

    as you can see from those 50 only 11 returns, 3 with zip and from the remaining i found 3 movies to download.

    P.S. notice all the (0)s for seach results in my movie searches, its a strange phenomena i dont see in FW, even though FW has the block hosts/blacklist thing going on????
  • so to cut a long story short. (thank god, i hear you say)

    back to the standard drill.

    from the three movies i found from people uploading movies from me, i do the browse host on the movies i am now downloading.
    tonight ive found 6 more movies from the various hosts of those movies. and i didnt do a thorough search for all the hosts of all the movies.
    ie; every time you start downloading a new movie, you browse the new hosts of that movie too. tonight, i didnt get that involved, i just browsed a few hosts from a few movies.

    la dee dah, passage of time pause.

    its about 7.30 pm, ive had my shower, the houseworks done, dinner is on its way to the table, and im downloading 9 movies, (make that 8, one was a dud after previewing) but 2 of those were movies that i am searching for by name but get no luck (searching for them by name, i get no luck, i just want to emphasise that, with out saying it a third time, but you know im going to anyway) but someones i am downloading a movie from has thems in thier shareds X2 movies, i start downloading them and it turns out one file has 12 host sharing and the other has 4, but again, when i search for them by name, i get zero results???

    time to eat then pump out some zzzzzzzzzs

    next morning, after a lazy sunday sleepin.

    im 7 movies better off with one still on its merry way
  • so, i still stand by my theory that blocking and blacklisting may work to some extent, but even if i never search for movies by name, ever, never ever, this way i still find lots of movies and little to no junk files, apart from the usual, i am so dumb, i downloaded a movie, but its an add for coral player or for torrent something dot com and im sharing it because i cant be bothered deleting it or moving it out of my shared folder.

    all i have to do is share and browse,
    and the people that spam can spam to thier hearts content and i wil never see them, exept when they show up in my connections as ultrapeers.

    but thats a new topic........

    i cant believe youve never had a spammer as an ultrapeer. i get them all the time. i got one again on saturday night when i was making the screenshots for this post.
  • I'll get back to you on this thread :) all I realize is that audio and video spam are very different animals and the Video spam is far more aggressive, although seems to be largely .mov files which I reckon are a pita what ever way you regard them spam or otherwise.

    There are a lot of spam .torrent files also and how to identify them I do not know and what harm they may do I know not either.

    Off to sleep ....

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