New FrostWire for Android 0.4.5 out (public alpha)

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New FrostWire for Android 0.4.5 out (public alpha)

Postby gubatron » Wed Sep 22, 2010 7:44 pm

FrostWire 0.4.5
- Networking-Upgrade: Fixes in search routing algorithm to avoid redundant message forwarding.
- UX-Upgrade: Touching the FrostWire logo shows a menu to Go Home, See About or Show FrostWire some love.
- UX-Upgrade: Several optimizations for smoother scrolling and better resource management.
- UX-Upgrade: Tapping on someone's nickname on the Chat will autotype @Nickname on the text box.
- UX-Upgrade: New icons for Settings, Home and Love.
- UX-Fix: Private messages take you to the Chat tab, not the Chat Activity by itself.
- UX-Fix: When a file's shared state is changed using the padlod icon the number of shared files of its kind gets updated.
- UX-Fix: Padlock icons are not shown on search results.
- Bug-fix: Downloading the same file twice from the same peer would fail. Memory referencing issues fixed.

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