Your Frostwire Tips Wanted.

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Your Frostwire Tips Wanted.

Postby gubatron » Tue Jun 13, 2006 10:45 am

I want our next podcast to be about Tips to get the best out of Frostwire.

Many users also come to this forum to ask things like "Why is the connection slow", or "Why won't it connect at all".

I think the podcast will be a great "document" for people to listen and better understand how Frostwire works, and what they can do to make the best out of it.

So here's the deal, If you consider yourself a power user, or a Frostwire Guru, please send us your best tips to , If you can record an mp3 with your voice explaining clearly the tip, we'll include it on the podcast.

If you are shy or don't have recording equipment, it doesn't matter, just send us your best tips to and make sure you tell us your name (or nickname) and from where you connect (Country, City, Town)

Can't wait to hear from you!
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