New Source Code Repository: Monorepo

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New Source Code Repository: Monorepo

Postby gubatron » Sat Nov 14, 2015 11:10 am

We've merged our frostwire-desktop, frostwire-android and frostwire-common into a single repository called "frostwire"
The origin repo resides at

Inside you will now see 3 folders:

We're waiting for an intelliJ/gradle patch to move the desktop/ build script inside desktop/, for now IntelliJ doesn't know how to follow gradle's instructions properly when it comes to using a folder one level up, therefore the temporary mess with the build scripts.

Once this is fixed you will be able to build each project inside the respective folder.

To build desktop

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gradle build

To build android

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./gradlew assembleDebug
Got Android? Try the new FrostWire for Android

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