Freezing, 6.4.9. Endless struggle. please send help. sos

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Just one prob
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Freezing, 6.4.9. Endless struggle. please send help. sos

Postby Just one prob » Fri Apr 28, 2017 12:39 pm

Hello everyone I am having a serious problem with the newest version. It has actually been going on for the past 2 versions but I never got around to making a post about it yet, I just kept searching for how to fix it but nothing works.

Ok so, description of problem:
So I can open frostwire normally, but anytime I go to type in the search bar and hit enter it loads the blank search screen where things normally pop up but at that point the entire program is frozen. This started happening in the last version when I updated it and tried to continue my downloads but they never continued. Every time I opened frostwire they began to start but then the whole thing froze again.
Oh yeah and I have to force close frostwire from task manager to actually get it out of the way.

Things I have tried that did not work:
1. Restarting computer
2. Reinstalling frostwire (with multiple restarts and multiple uninstalls)
3. Updating... anything else
4. Cmd dskchk, no problems found
5. Thought it was a firewall problem, looked in all inbound/outbound rules, even turned firewall off as a test. nothing.

If anyone knows how to help please let me know. It is driving me crazy.
Thank you

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