Seeding Downloaded Files and Individual Download Locations

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Seeding Downloaded Files and Individual Download Locations

Postby frostysoy » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:52 pm

Hi, I just started using Frostwire. I am formerly a uTorrent user. I am on a macbook pro.

I had a question: how do I seed files I've already downloaded? I have the info hash, so I tried redownloading it using a magnet url, stopping it as soon as it began, and moving my already downloaded file to replace the one that was downloading. I was hoping that the download progress bar would jump straight to 100% once I resumed the download and begin seeding, but that wasn't the case.

Another question I have is: how do I change the download location of individual files? I usually download my files to designated folders to stay organized. Some of the files I have are several gigabytes in size, so having duplicates would take up a lot of space.

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