STICKY: How to send files or entire folders with FrostWire 5

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STICKY: How to send files or entire folders with FrostWire 5

Postby gubatron » Fri Jul 29, 2011 1:17 pm

Ever had a bunch of pictures or videos but had to jump through lots of hoops to send them over?

I'm sure if you have a digital camera, HD camera, or you work with large files you've had to deal with the issues of sharing these files (zipping them, RARing them, signing up to a file upload service), uploading them to a service that has limits on the upload sizes, then the other party gets lost with all the ads, or they click on the wrong download link and end up somewhre else, and if you have to send the file to a lot of people, then there are bandwidth limits stopping you from distributing heavier content. We think we've fixed that.

With FrostWire 5 we set out to give the world an alternative to sharing large files or entire folders in as simple as one, two, three.

1. Drop the files you want to share onto the FrostWire 5 window.
2. Copy a link (or even twitter it)
3. Share the link

Here's a video to illustrate the process

Oh, and if you need to send your files to millions of people, FrostWire is absolutely the best way to do it, the more people you send the files the better it behaves since it's all done using the BitTorrent protocol, but you or the receiving ends will never have to deal with .torrents, all they gotta do is have FrostWire opened in their computer to receive the files.
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