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Burns CD/DVD's?


What's of the Software how to burning it of on the Movies because they're all of the much software out there but there's nothing to burning it right to go and burns on my DVD/ movies burns, any suggestions?


  • Cd XP burner is a free burning software it's pretty good.

    Paid or trial version
    I personally use is DVD fab and convert x to dvd

    Other people have there favourites buyer thoses are my favourites.

    Another Media player I use is media player classic also known as Mpc player . I like it a lot better than vlc .

    Hope that helps

    Cheers sonic_x
  • How about it is called " Free DVD Videos Burner" software? does it is will works?
  • That particular software doesn't really have a good rating . From. People using it .This software got 2.5/3 star rating but saying that it's always the user end choice .



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