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strong signal but no frost love

I'm sitting right next to my router so my Wi-Fi signal cant get any stronger and my frost signal bars are ALL light blue and I get mad peers in my list but only for a second or two then they disapear one by one along with all those blue bars even if I hold perfectly love to conect and stay conected...what's up with this?
Motorola cliq running 2.1


  • I've been having this exact same problem! Any fixes would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  • I had a similar issue at first, but I opened a port on my router for Frostwire and set the app to use a specific port instead of Automatic Port Mapping (long press the item in the Preferences Menu).
  • I would like to know if the source code of "Frostwire for android" is available to download. If so, i would like to know the link for it.
    I love this application and look forward in helping any way i can.

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