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Welcome everybody to the new FrostWire forums.

Expect a bit of breakage the following days as we adjust to this new platform.

We thank you for your patience.
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Magnet link support

Hi I'm using Frost wire from F-droid and noticed that it doesn't work with magnet link. Is that a limitation of this version, or of the software at the time being? If its the latter, please add support for this as you are the only FOSS torrent client at the moment. I'd appreciate it if the newest versions are pushed into the F-droid repo soon as its much easier to keep on top of updates. Thanks.


  • OK got the latest apk from your page -- the cached one though as the current one doesn't have it. Would have liked it from F-droid, but am still infinitely grateful for you guys making it anyway. I don't use the play store app because its not FOSS. Anyhow, the magnet link seems to trigger the opening if Frostwire 1.1.1 but nothing seems to appear on the list to indicate progress of the download or anything to indicate that it will start something.
  • Do you have the latest Frostwire for Android installed on your Phone? This makes the transfer very easy.
  • If you go to "Transfers", there's a "+" icon there, you can paste a magnet url there.
    I believe also if you paste a magnet on the "search" box, it will open it.

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