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Welcome everybody to the new FrostWire forums.

Expect a bit of breakage the following days as we adjust to this new platform.

We thank you for your patience.
-FrostWire Team

Download FrostWire for Android 1.0.6 RC 2 NOW

edited December 2013 in Press Releases & Updates
Download Here ... .6.rc2.apk

A million thanks for the quick turn around on bug reports found on the RC1 installer.

We got to fix a lot more (bugfixes on the bittorrent core will come for 1.0.7, those are a little harder to fix).

Here's the updated changelog:

FrostWire 1.0.6 - APR/08/2013
- Faster search results. Search architecture revised and improved.
- Includes search results from, which indexes millions
of public domain and creative commons works from all over the
- Reduces CPU and battery consumption up to 84%.
- FrostWire won't disable screen locking during audio playback.
It's now up to the user to set longer auto-locking timeouts if
they want to use FrostWire as an audio player in their vehicles.
- UI fix, media player screen is correctly updated if a song starts
while the screen was locked.
- Updated icons and graphics.
- Improved mime type detection.
- Supports WebM video search results.
- Updated UPnP cling libraries for better Wi-Fi sharing discovery.
- Multiple crashes and freezes fixed.
- Opens .torrent files from urls and from any file browser.
- Faster hashing and checking of ongoing and finished torrent downloads.
- Fixes a crash when sharing files from third party apps like FileKicker
which pass filepath uris instead of android provider uris.
- Fixes double audio playback issue with third party media playing apps.
- Fixes bug where the app would force close and restart on phones without SD cards.
- Fixes bug on Android 4.x where finished document downloads wouldn't appear under
- Avoids crash caused by AdMobSDK and WebView's cache being null.
- Fixes bug where sharing files from a third party app would open FrostWire
in a way that hitting the back button would take the user to the desktop and
not back into the third party app.
- Replaced navigation menu for a better one that presents itself with a smooth
brief zoom-in animation.
- Navigation menu and transfer screen looks properly on Motorola Razor
- More efficient use of Bitmaps should cut down on the number of Out of Memory errors on most devices.


  • No crashes? Freezes?
  • Note please that the latest version of Frostwire for Android is FrostWire 1.1.5 - released October/22/2013.

    The changelog is is HERE
  • The latest version is actually 1.2.2 available here

    FrostWire 1.2.2 - DEC/02/2013
    - Insanely faster cloud search results.
    - Significant memory optimizations on search result parsing and display.
    - Major update in cloud downloading architecture, Dynamic Adaptative Streaming over HTTP downloads supported.
    - Removed jDownloader libraries, less complexity, lighter app.
    - Fixes bug where transfer progress bar would fill up before download was complete.
    - Throttles down CPU consumption when updating the audio player timers during playback.
    - Fixes issue where search file type selector would hide after an orientation change
    upon no results on the selected file type.

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