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Why KAT and TPB were removed from Android?

We have removed from our Android app as a search engine because is no longer allowing hot linking of .torrent files.

On the desktop we worked around the issue easily because we have full magnet link support on the desktop.

Desktop computers enjoy more stable connections and FrostWire is able to fetch the torrents in different ways (DHT, UT_METADATA) given just a torrent infohash.

In the case of an Android device, we'd like to wait maybe another year until more people have multicore devices and wireless networks are faster and more reliable.

We could introduce magnet support today, but the experience would be far from pleasant. In the meantime, the Android app will stick to search engines that offer direct links to .torrent files that FrostWire can download and scan.

This is also the reason with TPB was removed as a source on the Android app.

On the desktop we still have TPB and KAT.



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