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upnp problem on android frostwire


upnp mapping doesn't seem to work on my router from frostwire android client. I can see mapped port from desktop frostwire client, but there is no mapped port from mobile device, though downloading works (apparently, direct download from tracker or something but not from other client behind NAT).
Mobile device is connected to the wi-fi and has ip of local network -
I'm running the android frostwire in debug on computer with connected samsung galaxy s2 (replace for emulator).
In the code I can see that upnp service is started like it should be, and it get the ip of my device.

How can it be fixed (without manual mapping of the port on router)?



  • Okay,

    Please, just tell me if it's supposed to be working or not... If it does - can you, pleeease, tell me where in the code (UPnPService? UPnPFWDevice?)

    I'd really appreciate your help

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