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Please, please - can you do something about this?


I will not beat around the bush, there is a problem with Frostwire.. and that problem is the unfiltered access to certain keywords which retrieve child pornography.

Now why is that a problem? Well besides the obvious it being disgusting is the fact that these sort of nonsense files waste my bandwidth each and every time... It is getting to the point where I am so untrustworthy of the Frostwire client that I need pause every single video I download with your client just to make sure.

Why? What is the point of all this, why can you not filter these particular searches in the client itself, Bearshare I believe has done something to this effect.

And you need not even search for this stuff and it comes back, some files are not even named properly and come back as this trash --- Oh! and to boot some that are named by these keys are in fact real good booty....

It's nuts.. let's once and for all put the keywords to rest, I have a screen shot if you need see how crazy it's become.

Just block 'pthc' 'r@ygold' in the next release and all will be well, is it that hard?.. seriously dudes... it's not much.. it would clean up the client, and it would stop people from wasting their bandwidth on bul@!#*@!.

Thanks, let me know if you do plan to ahem.. *finally* block these keywords.. Almost every other p2p has ... a while ago.


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