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Welcome everybody to the new FrostWire forums.

Expect a bit of breakage the following days as we adjust to this new platform.

We thank you for your patience.
-FrostWire Team

New Updates coming soon

Hello all,

We were expecting with a smile TPB to switch entirely to Magnets. Some of us have been working with Magnets since 2004 and it's a dream come true see a major tracker adopt the technology entirely, it's only a mater of time until the rest of trackers will do the same. This only makes the BitTorrent network more distributed and efficient for trackers as they don't even have to host torrents any more.

As it is, TPB search is broken on 5.3.2 so we're working as fast as we can to deliver a new update that fixes TPB search (hopefully on Android as well) and to improve magnet link processing in general.

There's a number of bug fixes we have on our list so expect a release candidate probably by the end of the week.

We're also planning to update our Mac installer so that it's a little more intuitive to use for new Mac users.


  • Hi,

    on the dev meeting we had in September app for Metro was mentioned -- so its possible that there will be an application not based on Java for Metro. The priority for now is app for iPad and Android.


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