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We thank you for your patience.
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Archive: Frostwire 4.13.3 is Live

Thanks to our community and especially to Micheal K. aka “Only A Hobo” for his continued help on the forums, supporting the community, and also for reporting the early problems with the LimeWire Update messages appearing on FrostWire.

We took a while for this fix because we decided to implement our own FrostWire Update System and not just silence the LimeWire messages. This way after 4.13.3, everytime we release a new version, everybody on the network will know about new updates.

Changes for 4.13.3 include:

* New Update Manager. Also allows delivery of special announcements to the community. And no, we won’t use this feature for spam, only for special announcements to the community, or special downloads.
* The Update Manager supports the delivery of torrent broadcasting to all the FrostWire community. This will allow us to lower bandwidth costs if we decide to distribute an upload using bittorrent trackers.
* FrostWire startup time back to normal, no more waiting for Chat window to load, the chat is now loaded on a background thread

As of 4.13.3 We are proud to announce we’re now partners with IAC Search & Media on the distribution of the Ask Toolbar. The success of this relationship will ensure the continuity of FrostWire’s absolutely free distribution and evolution of the technology behind it.

Get it as always from the official page only


  • how does toolbar keep costs down if no one puts it in or is it down because its there
    ares had a extra software bearshare now trillian :D
  • Hey Coot,

    Ask (aka. AskJeeves) have paid frostwire to put it in, they don't care if its installed or not, they just pay for it to be advertised :)
  • but who the ads aimed for ASk orFW or is it a mutual benefit i think trilian uses weather channel temp thing
    -so that if jeves is there they pick up some costs like a investor of business
  • Well, FW gets ASK's money, and ASK gets more users of its toolbar...
  • Frostwire has real costs, and they grow as more and more people download the software, ask for support, and ask for more features.

    We decided to partner with because they're a well established name on the internet, they're terms were clean, ethic, and they don't do spyware. Also, the toolbar does not disrupt the FrostWire user experience and it is absolutely optional.

    We've found as users of the bar that its a very useful tool, and that we have an excellent option in terms of comprehensive search on the internet by using the new

    If you want to support FrostWire, the least you can do is install the bar with the FrostWire installer and give it a try, you'll see how useful it is, if you don't like toolbars, no problem, its optional.
  • i think its actually a great idea
    i use google tool bar to keep out op ups
  • What he (guby) said ^^ :mrgreen:
  • I was just wondering if it is normal to wait 5 min when you start frostwire just to load the interface. Before it was faster is it my computer or is this happening everywhere?
  • Hi Lourix.. That doesn't sound normal, although it will take longer, if you are sharing a large number of newly added files, for all the files to be added to your share.

    Please tell us the Operating system, Processor type and speed, Java version (Frostwire>[help]>about) Free space and Ram that you have

    Did you by any chance close Frostwire and then re-start it after the slow start, or is this on every start, and are you achieving a "Turbo-Charged connection"
  • I got it 2 days ago. It's better than the previous version. :D
  • Yes, we know that, stop posting it everywhere Zorc! ;)

    Here is a good place to post that, not randomly round the forum
  • edited September 2012
    Ah, I remember when this went live, I even managed to lose my login info since then...Good times! :D


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