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How can I get any content?

I have tried to download some material and I dont have any blocks on my account. When I attempt to download it tells me " Error Failed to create par..." and then I cant see the rest. What is going on and how do I fix it?


  • This has nothing to do with the kind of material you are looking for.

    I think the following is your best plan of action, assuming you are using Windows. If not please ignore and tell us what System you are using.

    Completely remove all traces of Frostwire. To do this use Revo Uninstaller or a similar program since Windows uninstaller in the Control Panel fails to do the job thoroughly. Revo will locate additional related files which need to be removed.

    Before doing this ensure you have a back up of the files in your save and shared folders, (if you have any from Frostwire 4) as well as your Torrent Data folder, or at least remove them to your desktop or somewhere similar, just to be on the safe side. The Torrent Data folder's location is given at Tools > Options Bit Torrent > (Basic) > Torrent Data Save Folder. The other folders are in that FrostWire folder. There is also a Torrents folder there.
    You will need to keep the .torrent files in there if you want to continue seeding your torrents, but if you are having the problem you describe it would be best to delete the .torrent files, and start again with a clean slate.

    Then install Frostwire from the link above.

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you need more help or clarification.

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