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Frostwire 5.0.8 Downloads Files I Have Not Selected

I've downloaded a few songs from torrents using 5.0.8. If I select one song from a torrent file to download, Frostwire downloads the file I selected and two other files from the torrent that I didn't want. What's up with that? I'm on Windows 7 x64, Java 1.7.0.


  • The way torrents download is in chunks which are not necessarily, if ever, representative of the component files. It is therefore necessary to download some parts from other files before the download you want can be completed. It is likely that the two "other" files you have are not complete.

    You may be wondering what will now happen to those segments and I am not sure to be honest and have a feeling the behaviour of Frostwire concerning them is different in Frostwire 5.0.9 which I am currently testing, and as yet is not ready to let lose on the public. In a few days it will be.

    I hope this helps.
  • Thanks for your response. You are right, they are pieces of files, not entire songs. After playing around with it some more, I've found that the two extra files disappear after I "cancel" the torrent. It's weird though that Frostwire gives me the option to cancel the torrent after it has finished downloading, instead of "clear" like the older versions of Frostwire. May this be the source of the problem? Even though progress is at 100% and the status is "stopped", maybe Frostwire hasn't entirely recognized that the download is complete. Just a thought; hopefully it will be resolved in 5.0.9.

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