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FrostWire 4.21.7 - RC 2 (Please Test)

This one should be better than RC1, please test and let us know if it's good to go for the public

WINDOWS ... indows.exe

MAC ... 4.21.7.dmg
1f4eb9877d26be8fdf8d0b6c26fddf41 frostwire-4.21.7.dmg

UBUNTU/DEBIAN ... .7.all.deb
a3d89f70261b91e4a5b20b4b08e2a645 frostwire-4.21.7.all.deb
frostwire (4.21.7) stable; urgency=high

  * Makes sure cancelling torrents that have finished are not deleted.
  * Folders created by torrents that are cancelled during download are deleted
    to avoid any unwanted file sharing.
  * Fixes a bug when migrating from an older version of FrostWire on which
    previously Saved and individually shared files would still be shared
    after not sharing finished downloads on the migration wizard.
  * Fixes a bug on configuration screens that could make the application
    freeze for a few seconds before moving towards the next screen.
  * Migration wizard will always be shown to make sure users are aware of
    what they're sharing. 
  * Sharing completed files is always set to off by default.


  • Didn't get the migration wizard when installing this one on top of RC 1, but I guess that's not much of a surprise.
    Cancelled torrents before completion does delete the newly created folder. But I'm not sure why I would want to keep and share the torrent after deciding I didn't want it myself.
  • The installation wizard didn't show up since it's the same version number, you can tweak installation.props (LAST_FROSTWIRE_VERSION_WIZARD_INVOKED) and put an older version number to have it appear
  • I have upgraded through various random Frostwire versions, in order to simulate roughly what an average Frostwire user might have done. I have not altered any of the saving options, other than to check I was sharing everything in 4.21.5

    I have started from a clean install of 4.10.9, which will not work on my version of OS X due to the fact is impossible to configure it. But this did create an incomplete folder and a shared folder in Users > My name.

    I upgraded to 4.18.6

    I upgraded to 4.21.5 and noticed that the same shared folder was set as my save folder. I downloaded some gnutella files which saved in Users > My Name > Shared as created above. I checked that share finished downloads and partial sharing were both enabled. My saving location remained unchanged,

    I upgraded to 4.2.7 RC2 (Ignore my previous remark about the first page of the set up wizard being largely blank. I realize that is as it should be). Again the save folder remained the same.
    I can confirm that incompletes are not shared, and that .7 altered the default setting for sharing partial files.
    The previously downloaded files, 8 in number, in shared are not shared, but apparently the newly downloaded files in there are shared (3 files) This is confusing me as they are in a folder which Frostwire is showing as fully shared. I confirm that Share finished downloads [to unshared folders] has altered to unchecked. I am guessing that since the folder is set as my save folder it is unshared despite being shown as shared. I had thought new downloads were being shared, but a Refresh of the library proved me wrong.

    I notice that the incomplete torrents in Frostwire > Saved (Yes they did go to that newly created folder in 4.21.5) were copied to Torrent Data in .7 and completed in the latter folder .. I can see this possibly creating clutter .. and disc space issues for those who do not realize what is happening.

    Frostwire > Preferences is working (Its a Mac thing) .. Excellent ..Thanks :) Migration Wizard worked OK

    I am not at all happy with the removal of all torrent data with absolutely no warning when a Torrent is cancelled from the download window. It is not to hard to do by mistake, and a nearly complete torrent could easily get deleted by unintentionally. I do notice the .torrent file does remain however and is shared.

    Large Bug: I was just about to close when I realized that I clicked clear inactive on a bunch of gnutella completed downloads and they cleared as they should, along with a completed torrent. The torrent also vanished from the monitor window. Happily the Torrent Data folder was unaffected. It seems complete torrents must remain in the download window to seed, and clearing inactive downloads will remove them totally from seeding. Seeding can, it seems, be resumed by dragging the original .torrent file into Frostwire. If the download entry is left in downloads it will [hopefully] resume on restart.. although, as before, it is hit and miss whether torrents will load or start every time.
  • We're gonna be adding much better and clearer options when it's time for the user to remove downloads, but it's probably gonna have to wait for .8 or FrostWire 5.

    Ideally the user would just remove from the download list if they clicked on the remove/clear button, but files would remain untouched.
    If the user wanted to explicitly remove a torrent, or the datafiles, it could right click on the list item and choose to do so from 3 options:
    - Remove from this list
    - Remove .torrent
    - Remove data files

    Something along those lines.
  • Oh, and the behavior on "Large Bug" is intented to be that way.

    If a file is removed from the list, it won't be considered for seeding the next time unless you start the torrent download again (which would finish instantly if you already downloaded it).
  • edited May 2011
    The way it works at the moment (in 4,21.7 I mean), whereby the seeding is stopped when "clear inactive" will prevent any further seeding unless it is manually activated, does not seem to me to be a way it should be done. The behaviour of many Torrent clients is to stop seeding when a certain ratio is reached, with perhaps a default of 1:1 Something along these lines should be used in Frostwire. At present the amount of seeding that I can see being done with Frostwire will, I would imagine, make it very unpopular with trackers, and quite simply, a return to the time when any seeding stopped when quitting Frostwire .......
  • Here's a screenshot of the different ways to cancel or remove transfers on FrostWire 5


    There's also fine grained control over the speed of each download


    We think we might have a beta of FrostWire 5 probably for this week. Keeping fingers crossed.

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