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FrostWire 4.21.7 - RC (Please Test)

Here's the Windows Installer for 4.21.7 ... indows.exe
MD5 715e0bd5a027d91951570e4304e7735b

Here's the Mac installer for 4.21.7 ... 4.21.7.dmg
MD5 27b95efbb10989d55e2c2f5b7321ad47
frostwire (4.21.7) stable; urgency=high

  * Fixes a bug when migrating from an older version of FrostWire on which
    previously Saved and individually shared files would still be shared
    after not sharing finished downloads on the migration wizard.
  * Fixes a bug on configuration screens that could make the application
    freeze for a few seconds before moving towards the next screen.
  * Migration wizard will always be shown to make sure users are aware of
    what they're sharing. 
  * Sharing completed files is always set to off by default.

The faster we can get your feedback, the faster we'll be able to release this.
(We'll be uploading the Windows Installer in a few hours)


  • I'll give it a run, just let us know when the Windows installer is available. :)
  • Window installer now available, original post updated.

    Please let us know if you have any issues with the configuration wizard.

    Also test sharing individual files with your previous FrostWire and then run this installer and have "Saved Downloads" not shared by default.
    The expected behavior is that all those individually shared files that you had before inside "Saved" should now NOT be shared.
  • Affirmative, test results are as expected. Although it seems my filter keywords have disappeared..

    Running Windows 7 32bit with Service Pack 1, Java 1.6.0_24
  • hmm, I'm pretty sure we didn't touch anything related to the filter keyword "database".
  • edited May 2011
    Going to remove, get the .6 version, and update again to be sure. I swear I had keywords set though, lol.

    Made sure keywords were set before upgrading this time, they were still there afterward. I guess I deleted them before and forgot.
    Also found a typo in clean install -
  • I upgraded twice from Frostwire 4.21.5 (not 6)

    on .5 I was downloading a torrent. This variously restarted fine in .7, started from zero, or aborted. Restarting Frostwire got it going again, but pausing it and restarting it stays at 0KBPS, but downloading from multiple hosts. it was necessary to restart Frostwire to get it going correctly in each case.

    The first upgrade I did the install wizard worked OK. Second time around The first page showed welcome etc at top language next etc at bottom .. nothing in the middle. I Clicked next and the next page was OK, but of course I missed what was n the first page ...

    I found in library individually shared files are STILL shared. but a previously shared download that was in the saved folder is not.

    I did not see any changes in my filtered words.

    Issues I have seen before and still do include:

    Clicking Bryn House Plants opened the android page not Frostclick plus it is a pain clicking on the frost window to bring it to the front and setting off the Frostclick link working or not .... Most applications require one click to bring them to the front and another t activate links on them (Actually, this might be a new issue .. not sure)

    System Boot > Run on start up option does not work.

    Mac OS X 10.6.7

    I have not tested upgrading from 4.21.6 or making a clean install yet.
  • "I found in library individually shared files are STILL shared. but a previously shared download that was in the saved folder is not. "

    If those individually shared files that are still shared are outside the save folder, this is ok. The issue is only unsharing individual files that were on the Save folder
  • We fixed Preferences Menu on Mac.

    Made sure finished but downloaded torrents's data will never be deleted. If you however cancel a torrent during download, data will be deleted (we'll probably have options for this behavior on FrostWire 5 but this will be the default behavior for 4.21.7 for time reasons)

    Boot on startup for mac we'll fix for FrostWire 5.
  • I shall shortly give RC2 a run.. and will make double sure I test the individually shared carefully. Been off on a road trip today :)

    Yay at preferences .. I know I'm not the only one who will be thrilled :D 8)

    During my previous tests, I did find that I NEEDED to cancel a torrent on one occasion to get it to resume, plus it is easy to cancel a download by accident, so I would not like the default action be to delete incomplete cancelled torrents... If I have interpreted that right.

    The boot on start up has been also reported by Zooky (Windows user) viewtopic.php?f=5&t=9971

    EDIT Topic Locked .. see FrostWire 4.21.7 - RC 2 (Please Test)
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