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Uploads won't stop

I have just installed FrostWire. I have no uploads and no downloads running and have no shared files but my internet connection shows that information is being sent from my computer. I have been through all the option, disabling anything that might be causing my problem. The upload stops when I shutdown FrostWire. I have let the program run for an hour and something continues to be uploaded from my computer. I cannot determine what information is being sent. How can I stop it and how can I find out what is leaving my computer? It is very hard for me to trust the program under the present circumstances.


  • I do not pretend to understand exactly how the Gnutella network works. It is a nifty invention however :) When anyone makes a search on the network this search reaches all connected Frostwires, Limewires, Phexes and any other Gnutella Clients. Some of this information gets uploaded to the network.

    Put another way. If you make a search on Frostwire, you get file details show up in your search window. These results come from the people sharing the files, and not from a central server. Connected clients are continually sharing the information about their shared files, which does involve a certain small amount of uploading.

    This is how I understand it... in non geek terms :)
  • Thanks for the answer. It makes sense although I don't remember Limewire behaving like this.
  • This is how I understand it... in non geek terms :)

    Isn't there a fair amount of 'behind the scenes" acking and nacking between the two clients?
  • I have checked Limewire 4.12.6 and Frostwire 4.18.6 on my Mac and the activity monitor shows them up and downloading similar small amounts when either is idling. What sort of size/speed are you seeing uploading?
  • The size of the uploads was small enough for me to accept the answer given and let it go. However, now I have found that without FrostWire running, I have something downloading to my computer. If I try to disable the connection, I get the message that it is not possible to disable the connection at this time. Obviously, something has taken over my computer, something that has arrived since I started using FrostWire. Prior to Frostwire, my AVG protection was doimg a sterling job but since installing FrostWire, my computer has become vulnerable to this downloader and I am now faced with a few hours work in finding and eliminating this bug.
  • Please can you tell us which Operating system and which browser you are using, and has the browser been updated recently. I see there may be some sort of bug in Internet Explorer 8, and will check further when I get your reply.
  • I am running XP Pro service pack 3 with IE 8 and automatic updates installed.
  • hey did you install the ask toolbar?

    i dont have an opinion, but i have heard people dont like it for what i imagine may be your problem, or my other thought (just as uninformed and illconceived as my last thought)

    is the torrent thing.

    when you downloaded and first ran the program, did you check your shared files tab? did it have the FW something torrent being shared? are you using torrents at FW or have you disabled the torrent feature?

    i dont know what im talking about, but you might be able to put two and two together.

    and i was curious, doesnt avg have a kill all internet activity button? the internet wont let you stop uploading to it doesnt sound good. also, im wondering where you get the info on up and download from your computer, i had a half-hearted look for something to tell me that ages ago, but i get distracted to easily, ohh look cows.
    are you using a program to tell you whats going where on the internet, or is it something i keep finding and forgetting about on my computer?
  • I uninstalled FrostWire and the problem went with it.
  • All FrostWire's will seed hostiles.txt and the latest installer for a few minutes so other FrostWires can get these files.

    Also whatever torrents you may have downloaded in past sessions will be seeded (like every other torrent client) on your next session, if you don't want to continue seeding the torrent you can go to your "Monitor" tab and kill the uploads.

    If you don't want to seed the installer, you can always go to the Settings and turn it off. (Advanced > Automatic Installer Download)
    You won't know though when there's a new FrostWire update and you'll have to manually check for it.

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