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ok so this has probably been beaten to death, but i did a search before posting here and could not find a posting for this topic. I am just requesting that everyone take a little time extra with each search and block the hosts of the files. hopefully frostwire admins will start nailing these guys and giving them the boot. these are most easily recognized by an artists name immediately followed by (greatest hits) or (greatest song ever) with no song title and they range in size but are usually around 1:45-3:45 looping a message about some fake lawsuit and you are entitled to a free ipod ps3 etc. its fake obviously. Please Please take a little extra time with each search to block the hosts of these files and delete them from your downloads if you have been hit with them so that you dont get blocked yourself. thank you for reading.


  • hey frogthefrogger,

    i can see what you are saying, but i for one do not agree with you.

    i never block anybody!!! you have in part given the reason why, when everybody has has blocked everybody because somebody has a spam file, who are we going to share with??? i know its not that simple, but i have found there are other ways to skin this cat.

    unfortunately, i was going to do a how to get around it post ages ago but word around the campfire was, the geeks are on the job and the spamming problem will be fixed soon.

    its march, people have been going hey since november last year. i should have just made the post back when i had the time and it could have been of help to some that arent able to get away from the spam.

    the link you couldnt find via search is here.
  • Frostwire 4.21.4 has JUST been released. Please update and you should find this sort of problem is a thing of the past. Feedback, as always, is more than welcome :)

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