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Welcome everybody to the new FrostWire forums.

Expect a bit of breakage the following days as we adjust to this new platform.

We thank you for your patience.
-FrostWire Team

New Skinning System Coming (Substance Skin Hackers Welcome)

This year we're tackling two of the main concerns of the userbase, spam and old looks.
Our spam efforts will take a while to be noticed but we're well underway on that direction, now the "looks" is almost ready for showtime.

Some of the developers started a new branch called "substance-skinning2" (yup, our second try at it) and we have almost a first beta running with the new looks. All the skinning mechanisms inherited from the old LimeWire code have been ripped apart and FrostWire now uses the power of the Substance skinning engine.

Building a skin will be a little more complex than before, but we're now able to create far better and custom looking skins.

If you are into skinning and you'd like to contribute FrostWire skins when it's ready, this is probably a great time to start looking into how to create a Substance skin.

Here are two screenshots of how the beta looks with the first substance skin we're adding to the application

On Linux

On Mac

The skin features rounded UI elements, fade in and fade out animations when elements are selected or clicked.

Hope you like the make-over, it'll be a matter of creating more skins and FrostWire should look a lot more up to date with the current graphic design trends.

How to start hacking

1. Get a copy of the repository (you'll need to install Mercurial if you don't have it already)
hg clone frostwire.desktop

2. Switch to the substance-skinning2 branch
hg update substance-skinning2

3. Hack, Compile, Run (you'll need JDK 1.6 and ant)
ant clean

Substance References
You'll probably want to read this blog to learn a lot more about substance.

Substance Samples Repository

Substance Swing look-and-feel library

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