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Common for Frostwire to think it's firewalled when not?

Is it common/normal for Frostwire to say it's firewalled when it's not? I've went into my router and port-forwarded two ports (both TCP and UDP), set those ports in the Advanced->Firewall dialog in Frostwire, turned on "manual port-forwarding," and it still says "Frostwire had detected a firewall" at the bottom. I've even turned off Windows Firewall for a while, and that didn't help. Is this normal? Is this a bug? Does it have any consequences? I've also noticed all the connection status' in the Connections tab say "outgoing," but I don't know if this is a coincidence, or a consequence of some problem. I am receiving craploads of incoming searches, people are able to download from me, and I'm able to download from them.

Here's some info on my system:
OS: Windows 7 Pro 64
Java: 1.6.0_22
Frostwire: 4.21.3
ISP: Roadrunner through Time Warner Cable


  • Hi ektrules,

    Are you running as a leaf or ultrapeer? You will see which in the Connection Tab > Connection Status.

    Are you seeing a brick wall in front of the Globe, or is the "firewall" being reported some other way?

    When You show Incoming Searches, do you get a message to the effect you are behind a firewall and will receive few or no results?

    When You go to Direct connect on the search page, do you see your IP and host displayed or a message that you are firewalled.

    The Outgoing status that you see is normal, well it is for me but I run permanently under a Router Firewall.

    Do you see Turbocharged connection bottom left of Frostwire?

    Please excuse excuse the random questions :)

    The main thing is that everything is working for you so don't worry. Whether or not you are actually firewalled in some way, or Frostwire is making an incorrect report is hard to say. All I can say is that it is not normal, but may be possible. Frostwire does indicate you are behind a firewall when Frostwire first starts and before it fully connects in all circumstances.
  • I'm running as leaf.

    Yep, there's a brick in front of the firewall. When I hover over it, it get a tooltip that says, "Frostwire has detected a firewall."

    The first time I checked "show incoming searches," it showed a message dialog that I believe said something about the client being a leaf and wouldn't receive many searches, and I checked "do not show again." I still get a lot of incoming searches, probably because I'm sharing many files and the ultrapeers are passing down the relevant searches to me (I'm assuming that's how the protocol works).

    Under direct connect it says, "your computer is behind a firewall or router and cannot receive direct connections."

    Yes, my connection is always "turbocharged."

    So, it sounds like this is a bug. Does Frostwire have a public bug-tracker? I'm curious if other people can reproduce this bug. I'm going to download the latest development code, and see if I get the same behavior.
  • Ok. NVM. I noticed that I had the "listen on" port set to a different port than the "manual port forward" in Frostwires settings. Setting to the same port solved the issue.

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