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can't get files from frostwire into itunes...

i've already gotten a few hundred songs into itunes before but when i first d/l'd frostwire, i ran it instead of saving it, so i had to reinstall it again. for some reason the frostwire saved file (where the music was) was moved into itunes and when i just recently downloaded bout 400 songs, it didn't save it to that same file... i've moved the saved file back to frostwire, and it's still not working... i can open frostwire and see the 400 songs recently d/l'd but when i go to itunes all the songs are one file, and it won't transfer into itunes... how do i fix this? i just want the music from frostwire library to get into itunes to put onto my iphone, and i don't want to have to download all the songs again! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
thank you!


  • First off, search your computer for the files for mp3 files or search for one missing file by name: Type mp3 or a song by name in Mac's finder or in Windows by clicking Start > search [I think .. I am not a windows user], but there is a possibility they may be hidden, so do enable "show hidden files and folders" before panicking.

    If you really can not find your files, there is a small possibility they may have been saved in the Frostwire program files folder, which should not have happened, and they MIGHT have become deleted. Download Recuva or Restoration which will find deleted files.


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