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why isn't Frostwire letting me download??

I am having some problems getting my request to download. It says I am on Turbo Charged... Please help!!!


  • hey ashley111,

    sorry we need more to go on,

    eg; torrents are queued
    audio downloads say need more sources.

    also, it might not hurt .... much.....

    for you to make life easier on us, and answer these questions please.
    Right Click on this link, select, Open in New Tab.
    how to find your version numbers, JAVA, Frostwire, OS

    it just helps us if its something more than a dud host or file.
  • im having the same problem can any1 help meeeeeeeee
  • hey leanne1989,

    youre kidding arent you??

    yep we can help, but,,,,,,,

    i dont know what ' ashley111 ' problem was, but you know what it is, and you know youve got it too, unfortunately you missed the bit where its really, really hard for us to help untill we know those answers and what the actual problem is?

    please, give us a break, whats doing what, and what are you doing it on, and with what?

    see the link in the post above yours
  • Well Barlou12,
    I have no idea what she is talking about but...i do have an issue maybe you can help me with. Anytime I select a torrent to download, a webpage automatically opens saying it is "Torrent Details" but the page never completely loads. Then on FW the download automatically goes from "Connecting..." to "Aborted" and nothing ever downloads. I have a great connection but again everything always aborts automatically. Any thoughts?

  • p.s. I'm running FW 4.21 with Java 1.6 on Windows 7
  • hey,

    torrents on FW are still a pain, its better, ive found, to search piratebay for what you want, there you can check the seeds, file quality and hosts reputation.

    save the torrent to desktop. from there, right click on the icon and select open with FW.

    or, get utorrent, bit torrent or a differernt torrent downloader, they sort of work good, if you like torrents

    that torrent details page,?,?,? i dont know ive seen it, but cant work out why????
    im sure it was meant to do something, but its not doing much for me either.

    pirate bay opens a poker site in a new window on my computer, just close it. unless you think they really are giving away free money.
  • i have a similar problem.i use a frostwire 4.21.5 on windows 7.this time i click on download and it keeps saying need more sources.....
    i've had this software running for like day and still nada.
    i've got a great internet conn(11Mb/sec)
    can't download even a 215kb file.
    pls help
  • @warlord, the fact ids that not every file will download for various reasons, and if this happens re-search and try again. To check that your downloading ability is there go to your connections tab, and brows athe host of one of the 5 connections you will normally see there. If you are unable to browse them remove. If you can browse check that they are sharing a decent looking collection ( it need not be a lot of files) and try to download anything .. you can always delete it, just to see if you can download.
  • i am having a similar problem...i just deleted and re-downloaded the newest version of frostwire, and i have windows 7. the connection says its turbo charged, but anytime i try to download a song it says "queued" but never downloads. help please! i need new music in my life...
  • @meemee if this is for audio/songs the answer may be to go to tools > options > downloads ad check your maximum downloads is not set to zero, but if you are not selecting audio before searching the n you are in fact trying to download torrents which do give this problems sometimes. Let us know if this helps.

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