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drag,sync,load to mp3

GW: Since downlaoding newest version of frostwire, I am not able to drag to load area for snyc to my mp3 player. Before all titles of songs from frostwire list to libray after download, and then drag into sync area for mp3 is not working any more. The title of songs were in red letters. Now back to black. And in the area at bottom the amount download to libray is now in the circle of downloads.
But still not able to sync and drag to the area? Is there a format/or some thing that was not downloaded with newest version of frostwire I missed. Or does some one else have same problem?
I used to be able to do all drag/sync/into mp3 player, now not able to.....don't believe there has nothing changed on my side of computer/or has frost wire changed from their end???? GW


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