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Help!Frostwire won't open on pc

Frostwire is installed on my pc its the latest version and I have latest Java.

Its goes to load & open but then disappears!

Please can someone help?


  • You have not said what Operating System you have but on the assumption it is Windows, please try the following:

    [If It is not Windows, please give your system details.]

    Completely remove all traces of Java and Frostwire. To do this use Revo Uninstaller or a similar program since Windows uninstaller fails to do the job thoroughly.

    Before doing this ensure you have a back up of the files in your save and shared folders, or at least remove them to your desktop or somewhere similar, just to be on the safe side.

    Then install Java from HERE using the offline installer and finally Frostwire from the link above
  • I tried as you posted but error message came up stating it had to close. It won't load up onto the pc at all.
  • Please tell us your exact Operating System and the Java Version(s) that is/are installed

    What security system(s) do you have installed?

    Is this happening with Frostwire 4.20.1 (released yesterday) or are you still trying to install 4.18.6 (and was that what you tried to install first) ?

    Can please post the exact error message and any accompanying log ... it may be huge .. never mind .. it can all help.
  • I have just re-tried uninstalling and installing frostwire and Java and still came up with same problem. Any frostwire versions will not upload. I can get further if I upload from my memory stick but it will soon close. Java was version 6 update 18 and current frostwire 4.20.1 used today.

    I have microsoft windows xp professional
    version 2002
    service pack 3.v5857

    The error message i get is below:
    The Fastest File Sharing Application on Earth has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    (it then just states send error report etc)
    I think this is all the info you asked for.
  • Hi, i opened the report but I can not paste it on here or attach the file
  • Are you installing Frostwire on your primary drive?

    What Security Program(s) do you have?

    Can you post the first few lines of the error report, or any part of it that looks relevant?
  • ok i had this happen a couple days ago and im not sure if this will work with everyone but it did for me...what i did was use the add/remove programs thing and completely deleted frost-wire (this will also delete all music so try to save to a file or write down to re-download later). After you have done this wait a couple of days..i know it kinda sucks..but then after about a week you can re-download frost-wire. It worked for me but not sure if it will for everyone!
  • hey frostuser521,

    thanks for your input. good to see some people trying to work it out for themselves, then trying to help others.

    Only A Hobo came up with this post, so if things go bad again, you wont have to wait a week.

    give it a try next time, if and when.

    fingers crossed, youll never need to do it.

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