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burn movie to dvd

edited January 2011 in Open Discussion
I downloaded a few moives avi to my hard drive. I burn them on a dvd . I can play it on the computer but it wont play on my dvd players. Can you please tell me what I am
doing wrong. I used Windows Media Play and Media Now. Thanks


  • edited February 2010
    hi cathyj36,

    sorry im not big on burning DVDs, but i think its something to do with the format you burnt the movies as.

    if you can find an option to burn as mp4 try that

    if not you may need to convert the file or use different burn software.

    i used burn4free it worked for me. video converters are still a mystery to me. dont pay for any, if you google search hard enough you should be able to get a one month free trial of one.
  • i recommend buying and using

    a software called ConvertXToDVD .. its amazing
    it will convert any video format to play on your dvd player .. where you can make your own menu background etcc.... check it out.. its worth the money

  • I have convertex and when I try to burn a dvd it says more than one file. I have no trouble using it to burn files from pirate bay. What am I doing wrong?
  • hey mary2,

    asking vauge questions on FW sems to be the problem i can see so far.

    im sort of guessing it might be a file size thing????

    have another look at what youre doing then tell us a bit more about the problem.

    we will help if you tell us more of what the problem actually is.
  • Onetime it said file was corrupt and the other time it said more then one file. I will try with another movie, but thanks for the input. :?
  • are you new to FW? or computers? or burning dvds?

    it makes it easier to know what to tell you if we know that bit.

    for now, regardless,

    have a squizz at this post about checking movie files with bitzi before downloading.

    that should/could/might, help with corrupted files.

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