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How safe is Frostwire?

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Not virus wise, but legally wise. I know a ton of my friends use it to download their music and they aren't really worried about it at all, but I've been seeing all the lawsuits with people having to pay a fortune for downloading maybe a dozen or two songs. So, I was wondering how safe it would be for someone to download music, the stuff that's illegal...I KNOW it's illegal, but what are the chances of someone getting caught?


  • What is happening more and more is that in certain countries some isps are curbing their customers use of p2p, and in certain cases they are actually disconnecting users, after a number of warnings. The cases you have heard of may well involve out of court settlements being offered, after a threat of court action.

    At the end of the day, if you are going to use Frostwire illegally which Frostwire does not condone or incidentally run a book on ;) then your conscience and common sense must be your guide. More facts will be found if you visit who report such things in a fair and sensible manner.
  • Frostwire Software is legal..

    But remember to read the Disclaimer... that frostwire puts in its installer..
    that your not going to frostwire in any illegal way or former.. when you check mark that you aree to the terms of use of frostwire... You are Alone what you do with the software is YOU!! NOT FROSTWIRE LIABILITY!!

    Just remember that..
    And on the second note.. Make sure you a Antivirus Sofware installed On your Computer is highly recommend.

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    Yes, there is no liability of frostwire for having those threats for viruses. They clearly said that the software is illegal and it has no viruses. For you to able not to worry, you must have an antivirus in your computer.
  • thanks for you input Lucill3,

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    doesnt make a lot of sense, but at least you sort of tried.

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