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My connecyion is very slow

edited April 2006 in Open Discussion
My connection is very Slow and it dowloads about 4 kb if i have 2 for download


  • The download speeds you get will depend on your connection, the host's connection, how many files you're downloading at once, how many uploads your host's providing, how well you have your FW set up, whether your ISP is shaping bandwidth and so on..... so many factors.

    Try to download from multiple hosts & those with 4 or 3 stars. If you think your speed is really way too slow, try to download a file from here & see what speed you get

    Do a speed test, this is just one site to try (lots more on the net)

    Make sure your FW is set up for best performance (this link refers to LimeWire but it's the same set up as FW)

    Some ISPs do shape bandwidth for p2p apps. If everything else you try is useless it's worth calling your ISP & making sure that they're not the ones responsible!

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