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Help Setting Windows Firewall

My Globe Icon at bottom left of the Frostwire main page has a brick wall on it and it says "Frostwire has detected a firewall". I haven't installed a firewall yet and am only using my XP firewall. Frostwire is listed and checked in my Windows firewall "Exceptions" box, so I guess I need help setting it. I'd appreciate any help so I can share......


  • If you are showing a turbocharged connection, and are able to download, but have a firewall icon, then it is likely you have a router or modem creating a firewall. If you go to it will explain how to configure your router to fully allow Limewire .. this is the same for Frostwire..

    If however you have a staring connection, the above may help ... but details of exactly what is or is not happening .. as well as the following would help us to give you more help.

    * Your Operating System

    * Your Java Version

    * Your Internet connection (56K, Cable, DSL)

    * Your ISP (who you pay for your internet connection)

    * Your country

    * Are you trying to connect at home and is the connection shared with other apartments etc. or in an office, college, internet cafe or somewhere like that?

    * Which version of Frostwire do you have (Help>About or, on Mac, Frostwire > About Frostwire)

    * What type of modem and/or router do you have ... Give make and model numbers if you can.

    * What security program(s) ...firewall anti-virus, anti spyware do you have installed.

    * The exact error message, if one pops up

    * Have you used Frostwire or other p2p programs for a while or are you a first time user

    * Any other relevant information that you think may help

    * Try to make your post descriptive, specific, and clear so members can quickly and efficiently help you
  • Thanks for the reply Only a Hobo. I'm using XP service pack 2....My Java Version is 1.6.0_11....My connection is wireless provided by a Netopia 3347-02 router in the campground in Theodore, Alabama where I have my motorhome....My Frostwire Version is 4.17.2 ....I just reinstalled my Windows XP and have not installed a firewall. I'm using the Windows firewall. I'm using AntiVir anti virus and have AdAware, Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware Free and Spyware Blaster for anti spyware. I'm new to Frostwire but I use to have Limewire. My Limewire also had the "brick wall" recently. Maybe it is related to the wireless. I've only had the wireless for about 3 months now. There is no error message, just the brick wall in front of the Globe.
  • I am guessing you are connecting to the campground's internet with your router, in which case I suggest you contact the campground manager and see if there is a limit on the bandwidth available, or p2p in particular. If I have misunderstood, please let us know, and if you connect wirelessly to your own isp let us know who they are, but in any case I think you may be right in thinking this is related to the wireless.
  • I'm connecting via my laptops wireless to the campgrounds router. I can download from Frostwire. I would like to do my part and share my files though.
  • Go to ... rindex.htm .. I'm not sure if your router is one of those listed ... but I hope it is .. click on the router .. then find Limewire and set up portforwarding as per instructions ... which are the same for Frostwire.

    I suspect you can upload now but only to non firewalled hosts ... plus your files are harder to find ... I hope this helps and thanks for sharing :)

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