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frostwire torrent tracker


Since you guys have made frostwire torrent friendly as much as possible to current date, how about private torrent tracker for people who download frostwire and register to forums

Meerly need to find a decent program to help, a server capable of running it, and of course a decent ammount of php coding knowledge...

I think it would attract more users to use frostwire, and of course the users that do use torrents more, such as myself, would be more interested in using a decent private torrent instead of the crappy public ones :/

The hardest bit would be getting people to start using it to build up a decent ammount files on the tracker... but thats just a meer formality

I would be more then willing to help in anyway possible...

Maybe some feedback from gubatron and the other devolpers please


EDIT : damn typos


  • >_>

    Pffft not even one reply

    I thought it was a good idea
  • Do you know anyone who could make a tracker? or a manual you could give us (in baby language obv) how to do it, I would gladly help out if I knew how to do it :P

    & I'm not sure if it would be classed as illegal, as it would link to files that are illegal, read:, however they are in sweden, different rules...not sure man
  • Yeah dude, there is software out to help do this, all ya need is a decent knowledge in PHP to create the site and a fatarse server. Thats about it.

    All from sourceforge, lol
  • Hi, we're actually running a tracker already, we're using it to track and seed legal downloads for FrostClick.

    We're very early stage at this moment, and we're learning a lot about the inner workings of trackers, so that we can customize it and maybe build something in the future for bands, and content creators to easily publish content from within frostwire, or from within frostclick.
  • Well, I am happy to see this! Good job

    Would there be the option for users to share their files on the tracker aswell?

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