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Movie Downloads... How To Use Bitzi to Check Files

Hi my name is Precious and I am very, very new to Frostwire. I was wondering if ANYONE knows if there is a way to tell in advance whether or not the movie I am about to download is for a "normal" screen? In other words a movie that is not for a wide screen t.v? I have tried downloading some movies and the download perfectly and its great quality and all but its for a wide screen and my kids t.v is kinda old (LOL) so the movie looks very sqaushed. HELP????? :?


  • Hi .. Welcome to Frostwire.

    Whenever you download a video it is advisable to right click on it before downloading then go to advanced > look up with Bitzi. As well as telling you if the file is OK it will give media information including the dimensions.

    I hope that helps ... although I suspect that most video will be the same ... good luck :)
  • advanced > look up with Bitzi. As well as telling you if the file is OK it will give media information including the dimensions.

    Exactly the same advice i would give Hobo but a quick point to make out... Maybe create a screenshot of a typical Bitzi page and put it somewhere on which markers and tags explaining what part is what as i hear plenty of people in rooms asking what does what.. Mark the screenie of the tags explaining the features..

    I would be more then happy to attempt it :)

    P.S probably the wrong place to post this but Oh well lol
  • That would be excellent Mr. Fox. Thanks :)

    It is a little hard to find the relevant information on those pages.

    Can I leave it with you? A simple tutorial posted here would be brilliant :)
  • edited September 2008
    Ok I'll try to explain it it normal terms...

    Bitzi is basically an Encyclopedia for files you can download from Peer2Peer programs ( Frostwire + Limerwire and several more )
    Bitzi is a website where volunteers share reports about any kind of digital files ( meaning people who are kind enough download files and send back information to bitzi headquarters who sort it all out for our use

    First things first we find out file we want to download and right click it, then we go to advance and click look up with bitzi, it will open up your browser to a page now the hard part understand what all this means :


    Click here for enlargement:

    Dont get worried all this means is that bitzi doesn't have any info on that certain file, it could be very well safe :) Just be careful


    Click here for enlargement:

    All of the above is pretty self explainitary now we get to this confusing part for some, but this is the most important of all in my opinion


    Click here for enlargement:

    Ok now the main to thing to remember is all of these comments are rated by people just like you and me..
    "-1.9 "Dangerous/Misleading"Overall" -- could just mean its not the actual file but maybe a different film BUT download at your own risk
    "Dangerous/Misleading" -- Same goes here just remember bitzi is only useful if you make the correct judgement of the comments and ratings :)

    Anyways I hoped this helps

    a little note for hobo, sorry i was a image hog xD I just thought its easy showing what we mean instead of useless long worded answers everytime :p
  • Hello,

    I'm new on this site and I'm asking a lot of questions right now because I've got already a virus (Fruttisearch) or whatever that is.
    So, I tryied to download a movie and tryied to check it with the bitzi option. First, on the "Search" tab, next to "Type", "Size", "Speed" I have a column called "Bitrate". I was thinking in that column I can see information about bitzi. Indeed if I want to download a song (only for an mp3 format) I can see a number in that column (e.g.192, 167, 172, etc) but when I searched for a movie, all the files with the .avi, .zip, .wma extension don't have any number in the "Bitrate" column and when I'm going to the "Advanced - Lookup file with Bitzi" option it doesn't show anything. Can you tell me why?
    Second, I wanted to download the 4.18.3 version from Frostwire but it doesn't have a "digital signature". Is that OK? Can I download it or I'll get another strange virus to infect my computer?
    Thank you very much.

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