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Choose the Frostwire Store folder location

I like to keep the folders in my account tidy. Besides, my media player auto-checks for newly added songs in my music folder. It would be nice to configure Frostwire to store the bought songs in that chosen location.

And no, I will not point it to the /dev/null directory ;)


  • Hi sorry for the delay in replying.

    Are you saying that if you click the BUY button, songs purchased go to the Frostwire store folder .. because I was not aware they did .. but I haven't used it. Afaik the folder is a hang over from Limewire which I thought was redundant, and I believe in Windows you can make it a hidden folder. Normal downloads can be saved anywhere in the saving option ... The Frostwire save folders do however remain in place even if not used.

    Please let me know if this makes sense. :)

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